St. Anthony's Church

St. Anthony of Padua Roman Catholic Church & St. Faustina Kowalska Polish Mission

Welcome to St. Anthony's Church.

The people of St. Anthony's Parish and St. Faustina Kowalska Polish Mission, part of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Halifax, are called to be "The People of God". Our faith in God's unconditional love for us, as evidenced in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and, as testified to by his church, gives us a firm hope in our salvation and the salvation of the world. We respond to God's love with adoration, thanksgiving, and petition through worship and prayer, and charity to our neighbour

We invite you to discover the richness of our parish. Newcomers and visitors are always welcome.

We also have our hall available to rent. Please contact the office for further information.

For information on events, please see our calendar.

Bulletin: Easter Sunday

Last Sunday Collections:
St. Anthony’s ~ Sunday Collections $928 with 48 envelopes; Loose $108; Ren. $185.80; Roof $50
St. Faustina’s ~ Sunday Collections $980 with 37 envelopes; Loose $84
Roof Repairs: Cost to Date: $28,290 ~ Roof Donations to Date:
Donations $11,035; Fundraisers for Roof $4,901.02; Insurance $4,912.50
New Goal to Reach: $7,468.48 Thank you for your support!

9 Day Divine Mercy Novena: Please join us at 3:00pm each day to say this powerful Novena, starting on Good Friday and ending with our Divine Mercy Retreats (schedules are available at the entrance of the church). Our Blessed Lord gave Sr. Faustina (for herself only initially) a Novena to His Mercy. She was to start it on Good Friday, that day when Christ first revealed how merciful and loving He was, by dying for us.

Sr. Faustina wrote in her diary that she began the Novena for the conversion of the whole world that all may recognize God's Mercy and that all souls may speak of His Goodness.

Jesus said: "I desire the confidence of My people. Let not even the weak and very sinful fear to approach Me, even if their sins be as numerous as all the sands of the earth they will be forgiven in the fathomless pit of My Mercy."

She received instructions on how to make this Novena "During these nine days I want you to lead souls to the Fount of My Mercy, in order that they may draw from it strength, refreshment and all the graces they need in the trials of their lives, especially at the hour of death. Each day you will lead a different group of souls and immerse them in the sea of My Mercy. Each day You will beseech the Father through My Bitter Passion for graces for these souls."

This Novena can be made at any time, but Our Lord especially wished that it be made beginning Good Friday in preparation for the Feast of His Mercy, which should be celebrated on the first Sunday after Easter. He told her that "The souls that will go to confession, in preparation, and communion on this day will obtain a complete remission of all sin and all punishment. .... On each day You will bring to My Heart a different group of souls and You will immerse them in this ocean of My Mercy, and I will bring all these souls into the House of My Father ... on each day you will beg My Father, on the strength of My Bitter Passion, for graces for these souls."

Country Time Show: Our next Country Time Show will be on Sunday, April 15th at 7:00pm. Admiss is $6. Come and have some fun while supporting our church!