St. Anthony's Church

St. Anthony of Padua Roman Catholic Church & St. Faustina Kowalska Polish Mission

Welcome to St. Anthony's Church.

The people of St. Anthony's Parish and St. Faustina Kowalska Polish Mission, part of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Halifax, are called to be "The People of God". Our faith in God's unconditional love for us, as evidenced in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and, as testified to by his church, gives us a firm hope in our salvation and the salvation of the world. We respond to God's love with adoration, thanksgiving, and petition through worship and prayer, and charity to our neighbour

We invite you to discover the richness of our parish. Newcomers and visitors are always welcome.

We also have our hall available to rent. Please contact the office for further information.

For information on events, please see our calendar.

Bulletin: 19th Sunday in Ordinary Time

A Message From Br. Nathanael

May the Lord give you peace.

Hello my name is Br. Nathanael of the Franciscans of Halifax.  I look forward with joy in serving you as administrator to the Parish of St. Anthony’s and St. Faustina’s Polish Mission. As a Franciscan ,I do not come alone.  Joining me in the Convent are Br. Miguel and Br. Paul.  Br. Miguel is from Bolivia and is completing his Novitiate year with our community.  Br. Paul is from Cape Breton and in his 4th year of Theological studies at Dominican College in Ottawa. He will return in the Fall to continue His studies.

As Franciscan Brothers we live fraternal life.  St. Francis wanted all his brothers to see their lives as a gift from God to be given to one another, given in love and to serve one another in the Spirit of Christ.

This is also true of our parish. We are all called to holiness and are gifts to each other given by God to one another for the highest good, which is Love. When we love one another as Jesus commanded, we begin to see with new eyes how important it is to stay united in Him. Every moment is an opportunity to encounter God in the other. The source of our love said Blessed Mother Teresa “begins with God and ends in Him”. He is the source of all we do; we can do nothing without Him.

My ears have heard beautiful things about God’s people in this little parish and I am very pleased to journey with you in faith and unity. Let us continue to do good, never get discouraged, for God is with us, “I am with you always”. Let us strive more and more to have the heart of Christ in all we do, at all times. Let us not hesitate to greet everyone with a smile, on the street, at work, in the malls, and especially in our parish. Just a simple smile is the first line of evangelization. To smile at your neighbor says to that person, ‘you are special to Christ and he knows your heart’

Love and humility are virtues that carry us along the road of holiness. And holiness is the Spirit of God acting in us, to love and serve each other in the greatest charity.  Christ’s Charity.  As St. Francis understood at the end of his earthly life, ‘Life is Christ’; and to be in relationship with Him brings us deep joy in the ordinary daily routine of life.

Let us go out of ourselves, surrendering our hearts to Mary’s pure intention to guide us to her Son, our Lord Jesus Christ.

Last Sunday Regular Collections:
St. Anthony’s - $676; Loose $244; Ren $244
St. Faustina’s - $200; Loose $81.60

Feast of The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary:  Everyone is welcome to celebrate Mass at 12:15pm on Thursday, Aug 15th at St. Mary’s Cathedral Basilica.   Deacons Michael Grace and Brian MacMillan will be ordained to the priesthood by Archbishop Anthony Mancini at 7:00pm at Saint Mary’s Cathedral Basilica.  Please join us as we celebrate this happy occasion. 

Congratulations to Br. Nathanael: Who became a Permanent Deacon with the Franciscans of Halifax on August 10th.   Congratulations and best wishes to our new Permanent Deacon!

Flea Market:  We will be holding another flea market early this Fall.  We still need items to sell and we will need help at the time of the flea market. For information, contact Gordon Jewers at 469-5698.

Stained Glass Windows: At the back of the church, we have mounted on the wall in a frame, the list of names who gave donations for the stained glass windows. If your name is not on the list, please leave a message for John LeBlanc at 469-4366.  A new list will be updated in September.  Thank you.

Morning Prayer:  This Fall Br. Nathanael and Br. Miguel would like to welcome parishioners to daily morning prayer in our parish.  We would like to purchase special Brievery prayer books.  The books cost approximately $48 each.  If you would like to make a donation for the books (which include the entire liturgical year), please put your donation in a separate envelope, with your name, amount and envelope #, and drop it in the collection basket during Mass.  Thank you so much for your help towards this spiritual cause. 

Bottle Drive: We welcome donations of refundable bottles to support our Outreach Program. 

Please place your bottle donations in the boardroom before or after Mass. Thank you!

Country Time Show:  The next Country Time Show will be Sunday, September 15th at 7:00pm! Bring your friends and enjoy the show!  Only $6 admission!

Bulletin: The next bulletin will be in early September.